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Value Voucher for Aeonose to maximize the value of their innovation

Aeonose: breath samples for screening and diagnosis purposes. An electronic nose that has the ability to smell if someone is ill or not. Too good to be true, you might think, but Aeonose thinks the first eNose will be very soon available on the market.

The eNose company made good progress last year, in which they received CE marking at the end of 2015. Replacing current invasive tools, the electronic nose (Aenose) opens-up new, non-invasive diagnostic opportunities, easing patients’ lives, and supporting physicians in faster, diagnostic decisions. The patient has to breathe into the diagnostic unit, and within minutes a proper indication is given whether additional patient examination is required.


The Aeonose can diagnose several diseases, like lungcancer, colon cancer pancreas cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, head and neck cancer and tuberculosis. At the moment several clinical trials are running. The golden standard in screening for colon cancer now is an immunochemical fecal occult blood test (IFOBT), which has a low sensitivity. The positive predictive value of this test is very low, one out of 20 with a positive IFOBT actually has bowel cancer.

This comes of course with additional cost. Screening with the eNose has a positive predictive value of 50%, which is one out of two, an immense improvement. However, we want to make sure which costs can be reduced by implementing the Aeonose. A health technology assessment (HTA) is an excellent method to assess the added value or even the cost reduction of a new technique.



LS@W Value Voucher

A voucher from the Value Center led to the decision to out-source the HTA to MedValue. This is fully in line with the goal of the value centre: strengthen the business case of starting and scaling organisations in the Life Sciences & Health sector.

André Elands,CEO at the eNose Company:  “They can help Aeonose to assess the added value of the eNose and maximize the value of our innovation. With the help of MedValue we research the cost reduction of our innovation and who profits from this reduction”.



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