Advisory Board

We want LifeSciences@Work to be able to help entrepreneurial researchers for at least another 15 years. Therefore, 2023 was the perfect time to appoint an advisory board. The advisory board was officially announced during the festive 15 years of LS@W event on 27 June 2023 at Pivot Park, Oss.


  • Provide imput at programme level
  • Connect with other initiatives like the Termeer Foundation and Biotech Booster
  • Share expert knowledge with our alumni
  • Be an advocate for the programme. The only way to ensure another 15 years of Venture Challenges is to have as many ambassadors as possible.
    • Speech at relevant events
    • Provide one on one advice to Venture Challenge alumni
LifeSciences@Work strives to continue to serve lifesciences entrepreneurs in the best possible way. Therefore, external advice is needed. We see new initiatives for our target group on a yearly basis. To ensure that initiatives like Biotech Booster and Faculty of Impact support each other instead of duplicating or competing, an advisory board was installed.


Looking for advice?

Are you a lifesciences entrepreneur looking for advice? Please reach out and we'll try to match you with a suitable advisor via Simone Hermans, Programme Coordinator LS@W:

Mentor Database

We are setting up a mentor-datatbase next to the advisory board. Are you an experienced entrepreneur or otherwise skilled to help starting lifesciences entrepreneurs and do you have a little time to spare? Please contact us and we'll enlist you in our mentor-database. Please contact Simone Hermans, Programme Coordinator LS@W -

 LS@W advisory board