Venture Challenge

Develop your business case guided by experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and business coaches

The Venture Challenge is a 10-week programme to develop an initial idea – a breakthrough research result – into a solid business case. Participate and learn to build a customer value proposition, identify key risks and assumptions, develop a validation and de-risking strategy, build and pitch a Venture Plan and get connected to Life Sciences experts, investors and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

Since its start in 2008, the Venture Challenge has proven to be the most successful startup programme in life sciences therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices. See who participated in the previous Venture Challenge editions and read about the success of  10 years Venture Challenge . The Venture Challenge is organised as a collaboration between NWO and Health~Holland. 

Venture Challenge Fall 2021 - Closed for applications

How it works?

The Venture Challenge consists of a series of bootcamps and coaching sessions; it takes around three months from start to finish. Guided by a dedicated team of experienced trainers and challenged by your peers and industry experts you will translate your invention into a viable business idea.
After the bootcamps and coaching sessions you will be introduced to representatives of all relevant early stage life Sciences investors and you pitch your venture to the Venture Challenge jury, consisting of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, who will then decide who takes home the €25,000 prize money. The winner of the Venture Challenge will be publically announced at a large life sciences business conference offering great exposure.

How to enter? 

  • Application for the Venture Challenge is done via the NWO website.
  • After pre-screen candidates are invited for an intake interview; a maximum of 6 teams are selected to participate.
  • To enter the Venture Challenge you need to have a team of at least 3 people, and participants are expected to attend both bootcamps (2 times 3 days incl. overnight stays) and the final pitch event.
  • Participants pay a fee of €2000,- per team of 3.
  • For more detailed information about the application procedure visit the NWO website.

Venture Challenge Fall 2021 timeline

Timeline VC Fall 2021

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