The national accelerator program for high-potential start-ups in Life Sciences and Medical Technologies

Starting up a company requires not only a good idea and lots of enthusiasm, but also involves often a long difficult development path with many hurdles. In life sciences taking an invention from the lab to the market typically takes 5 to 10 years and requires several tenths of millions of euros of investment. In case of a new drug, a new device or a new therapy this can even take as long as 15 years and cost over a billion of euros.

We help you:

  • to transform breakthrough research and groundbreaking inventions into clear startup business cases;
  • to strengthen your existing business case;
  • to prepare your startup for market fit and growth;
  • to obtain funding, partners and market introductions;
  • to connect to valuable communities including venture capitalists, industry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, and LS@W alumni.

Only the best ideas based on excellent science, with high growth potential, large commercial and societal benefits, and an international scope will be selected by LS@W. After admittance you can profit by participating in the Venture Challenge, Expert Classes and Value Centre. These three programmes are developed to help scientists build their own business.

Let us help you build your business!