Expert Classes

Gain knowledge in sector relevant topics, meet valuable new contacts, strengthen your business case

LS@W Expert Classes are workshops on relevant topics for Life Sciences startups (mostly medtech, farma and diagnostics). Our Expert Classes are organised in close collaboration with industry experts and Venture Challenge alumni. During our Expert Classes you will learn from the experiences of others and you are free to ask our mentoring experts and alumni about the hurdles you are facing in your startup. Usually there are drinks and bites afterwards and you wouldn't be the first to make a valuable connection. 


For whom

The idea of Expert Classes came to life when multiple Venture Challenge Alumni came back to the organization with questions on how to move their startup forward. So instead of answering everyone seperately, LifeSciences@Work now hosts around 6 Expert Classes yearly on various business related topics. Examples are Business Development, Human Resources and Finance. These Expert Classes are free of charge and initially meant for start-ups that (recently) participated in the Venture Challenge. We also welcome other startups:


Expert Classes are usually held on a Friday afternoon. The location varies, but you will most likely find us in Amsterdam, Leiden or Utrecht. The programme normally starts around 13:00 (1 pm) and consists of around 3 expert speakers + drinks afterwards. We always try to fit in at least one seasoned industry expert and one Venture Challenge alumnus who was in your spot not that long ago. There is lots of room for interaction and questions. In some cases, we will ask participants to send in questions or their business case beforehand. You can read about one of our previous expert classes here.

How to participate and more information

  • Who can attend? Expert classes are specially organized for  Venture Challenge and Value Centre alumni, as well as for NWO Take off participants. Startups not (yet) part of our LS@W community but who are interested in participating can join, provided you match our community profile.
  • Once our dates are final, more information on how to register will be listed here.
  • What else can you do? Tell us what your specific interest is. The programme of each Expert Class is designed to match your needs on how to be lectured and informed. Share your questions and/or issues on the topics of above-mentioned Expert Classes with us.
  • Would you like to know more? Do you have feedback for us? Send an email to Simone Hermans (LifeSciences@Work programme Coordinator).


Expert Classes impression

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