Expert Classes

Gain knowledge in sector relevant topics, meet valuable new contacts, strengthen your business case

LS@W Expert Classes are a series of targeted workshops organised in close collaboration with industry experts on relevant topics for Life Sciences and Medical Technologies Startups. The programme offers also 1-on-1 discussions and consultations with our mentoring Expert and Alumni to help you out, by sharing their expertise. Our Expert Classes will educate you on the specific stages of your startup. 

Next Expert Class will take place on December 3: Corporate Governance

2021 Expert Classes: Upcoming

In 2021 a new series of Expert Classes will be organised: 

Friday September 10, 2021 -  How to design your clinical study
Friday October 22, 2021 -  Efficient product development
Friday November 5, 2021 -  Stakeholder strategy management
Friday December 3, 2021 -  Implementing Strong Corporate Governance

Would you like to know more? Send an email to Miranda de Regt.

How to participate and more information

  • Who can attend? Expert classes are specially organized for  Venture Challenge and Value Centre alumni, as well as for Take off participants. Startups not (yet) part of our LS@W community but who are interested in participating can join, provided you match our community profile.
  • What else can you do? Tell us what your specific interest is. The programme of each Expert Class is designed to match your needs on how to be lectured and informed. Share your questions and/or issues on the topics of above-mentioned Expert Classes with us.
  • Once our dates are final, more information on how to register will be listed here.

Expert Classes impression

Past Expert Classes

Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences Learn from the best! | 7 April 2021 | Virtual

  • Keynote lecture: Markwin Velders Serial Entrepreneur Board Member various companies and Cinzia Silvestri CEO and co-founder Bi/ond LS@W Venture Challenge Alumnus.
  • Organised by: Science Affairs

Funding your company | 13 December 2019 | RVO

  • Keynote lecture: Onno van der Stolpe, CEO Galapagos
  • Expert lectures from: Niels van Leeuwen (RVO), Max Klement (BGV), Bo Wiesman (Blue Sparrows Medtech Fund), Thijs Schaap (Innovation Quarter), Thijs van den Munkchof (Uniiq/Luris), Arjen Strijker (FundsUp), Victor Schut (AGILe Biotics).
  • Organised in close collaboration with: RVO and InnovationQuarter.

Manufacturing/control of new medicines | 18 October 2019 | Biotech Training Facility

  • Experts lectures from Progress PME, Progress CME, ProQr and LUMC
  • Presentations: Albert Hekking | Ines Rodriguez Alvarez | Bianca Matthee | Karin Hoogendoorn
  • Organised in close collaboration with: Progress PME

Negotiations & Licensing | 5 July 2019 | UMCU

  • Experts lectures from Utrecht Holding, Cristal Therapeutics, GenDx,  Loyens & Loeff
  • TTO contributions from Oncode Institute,  Erasmus MC, IXA/Amsterdam UMC, Utrecht Holding/Utrecht UMC
  • Presentations: Oscar Schoots | Cristianne Rijcken | Wietse Mulder | Hamza Zourakhti
  • TTO panel: Veerle Fleskens | Jacqueline Bia |  Michelle Meeks | Genoveva Heldens
  • Organised in close collaboration with: Utrecht Holding

Clinical Trials & Regulatory Affairs | 29 March 2019 | Pivot Park Oss

  • Experts lectures from 3D-PharmExchange, Xeltis, Radboud UMC, Amgen 
  • Organized in close collaboration with Pivot Park
  • Presentations: Ronald van der Geest | Luc Verhees | Jackie Droste | Joep Rijnierse 

Health Technology Assessment & Reimbursement | 15 February 2019 | UMCA

  • Expert lectures from Amsterdam UMC-University of Amsterdam, CbusineZ, Agendia, Sanofi
  • Organized in close collaboration with IXA Innovation Exchange Amsterdam, UMC Amsterdam
  • Presentations:  Corianne de Borgie | Jeroen Nugteren | Sari Neijenhuis | Lars Wormhoudt | Michelle Meeks
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