Meet the team

The people make the program. These are the people behind LifeSciences@Work. All of them put in their enthusiasm to make the best possible program for the participating startups.


The LS@W team


Chrétien Herben - Program Director

Chrétien has been involved with LS@W since the early beginnings in 2008.
He knows all the ins and outs on the Venture Challenge and he has a large
network within the LSH sector.


Simone Hermans - Program Coordinator

Simone joined Health-Holland in 2022. She is responsible for keeping up
with start-ups and the coordination of LS@W events. She is also responsible
for the website and social media. 


Laura Gähler - Advisor Valorisation

Laura joined Health-Holland in 2020. She makes sure that LS@W activities
align with the many other Health-Holland activities, such as,
GROZ, Human Capital, internationalization, Public-Private Partnerships, and more.


Jannica Swieringa - Communications

Jannica has a supportive roll within LS@W as she is in the Health-Holland
communications team.


Math Kohnen - Venture Challenge

You will meet Math at the Venture Challenge, he gives lectures and coaches
the participating startups.


Miranda de Regt - Expert Classes

Miranda is responsible for organizing and the execution of the expert classes.
In collaboration with Health-Holland, she also organizes the
Dutch Life Sciences Conference.