Workshop - The power of the voice of the customer

business people sitting in a circle


The basis for successful (medical) device is that it is used by the customer. Your medical device should full-fil or even better exceed the true needs of your user. In order to understand what your user needs, you have to go and talk to them. But who should you approach, what questions should you ask and how do you get to the essence of their desires?

In this practical workshop you will not only learn about the theory behind the ‘Voice of the Customer methodology’ which is an essential part of ‘Design for Six Sigma’ & writing requirements. We will share our hands-on best practices in how to get into contact with your users, how to set up a good interview and how to translate these interview results into useful input for your product design.

During the workshop there will be enough time to apply this on your own product. In addition, we will share templates will be shared with you so you can get started right away with taking one the most important steps in the beginning of your product development process: speak to your users!



This event focusses on MedTech. Click here or more information and registration.


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