Expert Class - Partnerships: How partnering can support R&D and market access

Successful partnerships and strategic alliances have significantly contributed to life sciences product development and healthcare. From drug discovery, medical device development, preclinical studies, clinical trials, and approval to a host of other regulatory and legal issues and post approval marketing efforts, companies have worked together to bring innovative products or therapies to market that help improve patients’ lives. In this Expert Class we will discuss how partnerships between larger established (pharma) companies and smaller biotech- and medtech companies or academic institutions can help your product development, the various types of life science partnership models, what these agreements entail, how to find the right partner and how to manage them.

The expert class program is set up in an interactive way such that the participants are asked to present in 3 slides their company and shareholder related question(s) for the experts. The experts will give you feedback on your questions.


13.00 hrs.          Welcome

13.30 hrs.          Start Expert Class by Leon Mur (moderator) and introduction by Simone Hermans

13:45 hrs.           Presentations by Liana Steeghs, Tess Korthout and Pascal Simoens

15:45 hrs.          Discussing partnering related cases per participant, 3 slides per participant:
                            - 2 slides with overview company +
 1 slide with your questions

17.00 hrs.          Drinks and bites offered by Loyens & Loeff

18.00 hrs.          End of Expert Class



Loyens & Loeff Rotterdam Office
Blaak 31, 3011 GA, Rotterdam



Liana Steeghs – Senior Director Alliance Management Genmab
Liana Steeghs will share her insights on how to develop a partnering strategy that is aligned with the business goals of the company. In addition she will talk about how alliance management is structured (governance) within the company and to manage successfully the global partnerships portfolio.

Tess Korthout - R&D Innovation Scout - The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Tess Korthout will talk about how (e.g. incubation, venture capital) the company Johnson & Johnson partners with young companies. She will also give you advice on how to know which pharma company could be of interest to partner with and how to present yourself to a potential partner.

Pascal Simoens – Business Development Manager Basic Pharma
Most companies rely on an outsourcing strategy for their product development activities. Pascal Simoens will talk about the role of a CRO partner in product development, how to find the right outsourcing partner and the collaboration models that exists.


LifeSciences@Work Expert Classes are a series of targeted (virtual) workshops organized in close collaboration with industry and academic experts


  • The small-scale and personalized Expert Classes welcome Venture Challenge Alumni, Value Centre Alumni and NWO Take off Alumni.
  • New early startups not (yet) part of our LS@W community but interested to join are also very welcome, provided there is a match with the LS@W community profile.
  • Participation is free-of-charge for startup teams.


Registration is needed to attend!

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