TTT MedTech Workshop - Funding Spin-offs



Most spin-off companies need external financing even to make it to the market. There are many finance sources, such as banks, VC funds, or accelerator programs. But which instrument is suitable for you?

In the workshop Funding Spin-offs, Albert-Jan de Croes (Novel-T/University of Twente) and Pleuni Hooijman (Innovation Industries) will work with you to gain insight into your funding options. Also a founder has been invited to share his experiences with you.

We will start with a general introduction in the several ways of financing: subsidies, debt, and shares. Every type of financing has its pros and cons. We will finish the first part with an overview of the different financing options for spin-offs.

In the second part, we’ll zoom into equity financing. Many of you will eventually raise money at an angel or VC. We share with you how this fits into your entire financing strategy and what those investors look for in your company. By raising equity financing, you take a certain route. Therefore, it’s good to be aware of the implications before you sign a CLA or equity financing.


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