Expert Class - Series A funding: How to prepare for your startup´s next growth phase?


Many startup founders struggle to find funding to expand their business after raising Pre-Seed and Seed rounds, especially in 2023. Only 48% of startups manage to raise Series A funding, after a Seed round. Fundraising in Series-A is much more challenging and requires a more careful and detailed strategic planning compared to earlier stages. Startups can run into liquidity bottlenecks if they fail to raise funding on time, which can put pressure on the company to raise money on unfavourable terms. They tend to think from science perspective, which is not always in line with what is needed to investor interest.
In this Expert Class, investors Lisanne Blauw, Associate at Thuja Capital and Floris Hamel, Investment Manager Life Sciences & Medtech at BOM will give their views on how Bio- and Medtech companies need to prepare for a successful Series A funding round. What are the critical business aspects investors are looking for a successful series A round and what do you actually get from investors and what are the terms. In addition Maarten Ligtenberg, Co-founder & CEO Flindr Therapeutics will share his lessons learned in a recent successful series A financing round of €20 million that was announced in April 2024. 
During an interactive session, each participant will have the opportunity to discuss their Series A funding strategy and readiness.


31 May 2024

13.00 hrs.          Welcome

13.30 hrs.          Start Expert Class by Leon Mur (moderator) and introduction by Chrétien Herben

13:45 hrs.           Presentations by: Lisanne Blauw, Associate at Thuja Capital and Floris Hamel, Investment Manager Life Sciences & Medtech, Maarten Ligtenberg, Co-founder & CEO Flindr Therapeutics

15:45 hrs.          Presentations by startups and feedback from experts and participants

We would like to ask participants to prepare a pitch with max. 6 slides about their proposed route to series A financing including the product, market, phase of product development, milestones (achieved and future milestones (till series A)), team, and your questions on the topic.

17.00 hrs.          Drinks and bites

18.00 hrs.          End of Expert Class


Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Leiden (Meeting & Event Center, 5th floor)
Next to Leiden Central Station

LifeSciences@Work Expert Classes are a series of targeted (virtual) workshops organized in close collaboration with industry and academic experts

  • The small-scale and personalized Expert Classes welcome Venture Challenge Alumni, Value Centre Alumni and NWO Take off Alumni.
  • New early startups not (yet) part of our LS@W community but interested to join are also very welcome, provided there is a match with the LS@W community profile.
  • Participation is free-of-charge for startup teams.

Registration is needed to attend!

Please send an e-mail to to receive your confirmation and additional final information.
Please note: limited number of places available! Availability on first-come, first-served basis.


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