Venture Challenge Spring 2016: Meet the teams

We our proud to present our five new teams that are participating in the Venture Challenge Spring 2016. 

Find out who they are and what they have to offer:  

  • Digest Inn | Offering behavioural coaching with an applied game to improve dietary compliance
  • Mantis | Offering a new approach to tackle cancer  based on remotely controllable drug delivery
  • MyMicroZoo | Creating a global community around microbiota and its interpretation for a healthier living
  • TripleT | Offering unique skills to optimize genes in recombinant protein production to the highest possible yield
  • Mercurna | Offering ​​kidney-saving therapies based on ​targeted delivery of mRNA-based drugs ​

After the pre-screening workshops I took place coached by Hans Le Fever and Mat Kohnen. The teams learned how to analyze customer value propositions and how to identify key risks and assumptions. In addition to the brainstorm and coaching sessions, experienced entrepreneur, Tol Trimborn (Gadeta, Arcarios, Biosquare), shared his story with value ‘tips and trick’.

Workshops II is organized in May. This final phase, the true hands-on stage, consists of two 3-day workshop sessions and a venture plan evaluation. The teams will work on producing a Venture Plan. During these workshops seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are involved, providing expert input and hands-on coaching on specific topics.

Finals are scheduled for June 3rd, when teams are delivering their ultimate pitch and our jury will choose the winner of the Venture Challenge Award Spring 2016.

Venture Challenge Spring 2016

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