TargED Biopharmaceuticals and Good Biomarker Sciences receive MIT R&D collaboration grant

We are very pleased to announce that Economic Board Utrecht has granted €213.000 to support a 2-year joint R&D program between TargED Biopharmaceuticals and Good Biomarker Sciences. The aim of the BiomarkED project is to generate a biomarker platform to accompany the clinical development of Microlyse, an innovative thrombolytic agent.

The MIT R&D subsidy has the purpose to stimulate collaboration and innovation within the top-sector Life Sciences & Health.

Kristof Vercruysse, interim CEO of TargED said:

"We are delighted with the award and recognition of the Economic Board Utrecht. We cannot stress enough the need for a companion biomarker that will be able to measure clinical outcomes during the development of Microlyse. This will accelerate our development drastically and reduce the need for patient studies during our clinical development phase.”

Kees Kluft, CEO of GBS Leiden said: 

“The MIT R&D subsidy once again confirmed the vital role that this funding instrument provides in linking exciting and emerging new technologies developed by startups such as TargED and established contract R&D labs like GBS Leiden. We see this collaboration as a wonderful opportunity to utilize GBS' biomarker discovery and assay development expertise in the field of hemostasis to facilitate the introduction of Microlyse to the clinic.”

Background statements

About Microlyse

TargED’s Microlyse, a new proprietary clot-busting compound, binds to a protein that is present in all forms of thrombosis, ranging from those that obstruct the largest vessels to the smallest vessels in the body (microvasculature). Due to its unique mechanism of action, Microlyse can stimulate a natural pathway that dissolves these blood clots. This therapeutic approach can be used to rapidly eliminate occlusive blood clots and has the potential to outperform current thrombolytic therapies. TargED is currently developing Microlyse for acute ischemic stroke and the orphan disease TTP (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura).

About TargED

TargED Biopharmaceuticals, a biotech spin-off of the University Medical Center Utrecht founded by Associate prof. Coen Maas, PhD, Steven de Maat, PhD, Marc van Moorsel and Kristof Vercruysse to develop Microlyse, a unique biotechnological drug that allows for rapid degradation of blood clots that obstruct the vasculature. TargED is backed by FIRST fund, Curie Capital and Utrecht Health Seed Fund as well as a public- private-partnership with UMC Utrecht, supported by additional funding from Health Holland. 

About GBS Leiden

Good Biomarker Sciences (GBS Leiden) is a successful spinoff organisation from TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). With over 10 years of experience GBS Leiden provide fit-for- purpose analytical services that are a perfect blend between our expertise and cutting edge approaches. GBS Leiden scientists are specialized in hemostasis and immunobiology with a focus on functional assays. We offer scientific and analytical support for clinical trials, population studies and pre-clinical drug development.

source: TargED

TargED Biopharmaceuticals and Good Biomarker Sciences receive MIT R&D collaboration grant

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