Five teams kick-off new Venture Challenge Spring edition

Five teams will be working from June to increase the chances of their technological invention in life sciences & health reaching the market. They have been selected for a new edition of the Venture Challenge, organised by NWO on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The selected teams are Hormod (LUMC), Astherna (Radboudumc), VivArt-X (TU Eindhoven), Inasol Biotech and Orgonex (both Utrecht University). Central to all propositions are technological innovations aimed at improving healthcare. These range from hormone modulation for pain management to the use of RNA therapy for the treatment of Stargardt disease or a bioreactor for fast and cost-effective large-scale expansion of organoids.

Developing a venture pitch

During an intensive 10-week trajectory, including two 3-day bootcamps and weekly coaching sessions, the teams will receive professional guidance from experienced coaches Math Kohnen and Chretien Herben (GameChanger Challenge) in developing their so-called venture pitch. The first bootcamp start in June, a little later than originally planned, and the process will be concluded on September 17 with pitches in front of the Venture Challenge jury and in the presence of multiple investors in the life sciences.

Technological discovery

The Venture Challenge is aimed at teams of at least three and a maximum of five people who are planning to bring a product or service in the field of life sciences & health to the market as a new start-up. The product or service is based on a new technological discovery or a new application of existing technology, arising from scientific research.

Registration for Fall edition opens on May 6

While the spring round hasn’t started yet, registration for the 2021 Fall round will already open on May 6. Teams wishing to be considered for this round will then have until June 15 at the latest to submit their applications. The Fall edition will start on September 22 with the first boot camp. More information about the Venture Challenge can be found here; the new registration form can also be found there as of May 6.

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Source: NWO

Five teams kick-off new Venture Challenge Spring edition

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