Venture Challenge winner SeraNovo enters into license agreement with Graviton

Leiden, May 5th, 2021: SeraNovo Enters into a License Agreement with Graviton Bioscience Corporation to Develop an Oral Formulation for Graviton’s oncology compound G101.

SeraNovo BV is pleased to announce the closing of a License Agreement with Graviton Bioscience Corporation (Graviton), a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development of small molecules in the fields of oncology and neuroscience. Under the agreement, the companies will expand their existing collaboration and jointly develop a solubility-enhancing formulation for G101 utilising SeraNovo’s proprietary deep eutectic solvent formulation platform.

Niall Hodgins, Chief Executive Officer of SeraNovo commented: “We are pleased to enter into this license agreement with Graviton. Within the framework of this collaboration, we will utilize our deep eutectic solvent technology to develop a formulation that enhances the oral bioavailability of G101 – a problem that many competing technologies have been unable to solve. This newly established relationship with Graviton on a promising but poorly bioavailable drug candidate provides another important piece of industry validation of our technology. We are excited to continue our expansion into North America and into the oncology field. SeraNovo are looking forward to many fruitful collaborations in these important markets.”

source: SeraNovo

SeraNovo Graviton

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