Venture Challenge Winner Ambagon Therapeutics Raises $85mln Series A to Advance Pioneering Molecular Glue Platform and Progress Pipeline

San Fransisco / Eindhoven – Ambagon Therapeutics, a biotechnology company unlocking intrinsically disordered proteins and other difficult-to-target protein classes, today announced an $85 million Series A to augment its drug discovery platform and to advance its pipeline of molecular glues.

By stabilizing naturally occurring 14-3-3:client interactions, Ambagon aims to rapidly develop novel therapeutic candidates for difficult-to-drug proteins. The pipeline currently focuses on oncology, where many opportunities exist to engage currently-undruggable targets.

Ambagon was winner of the Venture Challenge 2019 during which they were put in contact with several investors amongst whom INKEF capital. Soon after they raised an $18 million seed round with INKEF as one other the early investors next to AbbVie and Merck. 

Ambagon was founded by world leaders in 14-3-3 biology and drugging protein-protein interactions: Michelle Arkin, Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and co-Director of the Small Molecule Discovery Center at UCSF, Luc Brunsveld, Professor of Chemical Biology at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), and Ambagon Chief Technology Officer Christian Ottmann, Associate Professor of Molecular Cell and Structural Biology, TU/e.

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