Venture Challenge Alumnus Bi/ond has closed over $4+ Million in funding to date led by

SAN FRANCISCO, California and DELFT, Netherlands, March 4th, 2022 - Bi/ond, leading company in the world regarding Organ-on-a-Chip technology firms, and 2016 Venture Challenge Alumnus, announced that its collaboration with two of Europe's best medical centers, for its commercial and clinical succes, has led to a total of over $4 million in funding. This includes an investment from

Bi/ond's technology has already been used in Europe for several years. At Leiden University Medical Center, Clinicians make heart tissues using Bi/ond's microchips. Furthermore, also the Erasmus University Medical Center uses Bi/ond's microchips. The organ-on-chip platform from Bi/ond stimulates the biological activity, mechanics and physiological response of an entire organ or organ system.

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Source: Bi/ond


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