Anya Biotech wins the Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge 2022

The Hague - 22 April 2022. At the Proefdiervrij Event Anya Biotech was announced the winner of the 2nd edition of the Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge. Harsha Devalla, Marc Roelofs and Sander van Leeuwe of Anya Biotech develop animal-free research models with human heart cells in a culture dish with great passion and commitment. They replace the use of laboratory animals in heart research and develop good, people-oriented medication for life-threatening heart diseases. Anya Biotech received €25,000 from us to further develop their start-up!

The audience members that attended the Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge on Friday could also vote for their favourite team before the overall winner was announced. The winner of the public award of the Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge is GenomeTox. Congratulations! GenomeTox studies, in an animal-free way, whether certain substances can damage the genetic information in human cells and whether this can cause cancer.

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Anya Biotech

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