Meet the teams of the Venture Challenge Spring 2022

Last week five teams started their Venture Challenge adventure. In the first three-day workshop the highly motivated teams worked on their customer value proposition, long-term vision and competitive positioning. INKEF's Ivan Burkov shared do's and don'ts when raising Venture Capital, Niels Wheeler and Paul Soons from J&J Innovation explained why, how and when to partner with Big Pharma, and Scope Biosciences' CEO Niek Savelkoul took the participants along the rollercoaster ride of a typical Venture Challenge alumnus.

In the coming weeks the Venture Challenge participants will go out and validate their value proposition with customers and key opinion leaders before returning for a second three-day workshop beginning of June.

Meet our teams:

  • Anatomy Projector - Projected augmented reality makes surgeries go faster and safer
  • AutoScriber - A world where doctors enjoy zero admin, truly focus on the patient and never miss a diagnosis
  • INBORN - Nanoparticles to cure difficult to treat bone infections
  • Iprotics - Our specific proteasome inhibitors treat multiple myeloma effectively without side-effects
  • Novuxion - Improve earlier diagnosis and treatment monitoring of metastatic cancer
Teams Spring 2022

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