LS@W welcomes a new team member!

Most of you will know Chrétien Herben as the Director of the LifeScience@Work program. Chrétien has been involved with LS@W since the early beginnings in 2008 and together with Math Kohnen he leads the Venture Challenge. Since the community is growing, Chrétien was in need of support. Therefore Simone Hermans has now joined as Program Coordinator LifeSciences@work.

About Simone

Simone has a bachelors in Bio-Pharmaceutical sciences and a masters degree in Biomecial Sciences from the University of Leiden. She has worked for several pharmaceutical companies, big and small and in different roles. She went from production to sales and later on worked in a start-up like environment where she contributed to bringing a drug to the European market.

As a person I like being in contact with other people and to learn what they are doing. I get excited when I see cutting edge innovations that will help patients, researchers or physicians. Helping those innovations to get to the next step is what my job is all about."

Simone is responsible for the website, social media and the newsletter, as well as the coordination of the different LifeSciences@Work activities. Feel free to reach out via

portretfoto Simone

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