Nutrileads wins Immune Health Award with BeniCaros

Venture Challenge alumnus NutriLeads BV announced today that its patented immune health ingredient BeniCaros® has won the 2022 Nutrition Industry Executive award for the Immune Health category.  Each year the publication honors “the most cutting-edge and advanced natural branded nutritional ingredients backed by science.”

Joana Carneiro, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of NutriLeads:

“We are gratified to receive this honor. This award reflects the hard work and dedication of everyone at NutriLeads and our trusted partners.”

BeniCaros is a soluble prebiotic carrot fiber known as RG-I (Rhamnogalacturonan-I) that trains the immune system to respond faster when challenged. BeniCaros has a unique dual mode of action prepares innate immune cells for a heightened state of readiness and selectively increases beneficial gut microorganisms and their metabolites that support immune responses.

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Nutrileads winst Immune Health Award

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