Review of the MedtechMeeting Q4!

Yesterday Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) hosted the final Medtech Meeting of this year. Even though the meeting was in Enschede, the room was filled with enthusiastic companies willing to support the 4 start-ups who pitched.

The pitches were held by:

  • Giulia Sereni with Flux Robotics: expedites and advances patient care by integrating easy-to-understand medical technology within conventional operating rooms.
  • Camiel van Vught with Reperio Medtech: Medical diagnoses through eye movements.
  • Pepijn Beekman with ECsens: A high-tech research start-up focusing on Lab-on-a-Chip platforms for liquid biopsies.
  • Harry Palsma with SimCPR: Supports healthcare professionals and first responders with giving optimal CPR.

After the matches were made, there was a tour of the RRD research facilities. The innovation lab and the movement lab were shown and participants could try out the latest innovations, such as a glove that helps patients with loss of function in their hands with picking things up (and not dropping them). It was an interesting afternoon!

Thank you Roessingh R&D and Stichting Medtechpartners for making this event happen!




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