Expert Class on reimbursement very insightful

At the final expert class of 2022 we were happy to welcome a large group of startups that were keen to learn all about reimbursement. Jolanda de Boer form Zorg Instituut Nederland opened the session and explained how ZIN looks at reimbursement of new medicines that have been approved. She explained that you need to have EMA approval first before ZIN will look into reimbursement. Marielle Manders from CZ gave the perspective of the health insurers and explained that cost-effectiveness is very important. We look for the cheapest solution that is good enough. Her colleague Jacques Duiven explained how CZ looks at devices and explained that they ar mostly interested in how a new device impacts the treatment and not so much in specificity and sensitivity. He also explained that you will need to make sure that the users tell the health insurers that this is what they want to use. The final presentation was by Mattias Kyhlstedt who showed the differences in reimbursement approaches in various European countries and made it very clear that this highly affects your international strategy. 

All in all a very insightful afternoon at our sponsor Pivot Park, with a lot to talk about during the drink!  


Expert Class

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