Venture Challenge Alumnus Autosciber closes 1,2 Million Euro Seed round

Venture Challenge Alumnus Autoscriber, an AI-based voice recognition software that captures and summarises consultations between healthcare professionals and patients, has closed its Seed round at €1.2M.

 “Our goal is to bring the human-centric element of medical consultations back to the forefront and to make tedious administrative tasks a thing of the past,”

- Jacqueline Kazmaier, co-founder of Autoscriber.

Administration of patient consultations take up a lot of a physicians time. With the AI-tool Autosciber, physicians no longer have to perform this administrative task. This way, the physician has more time to focus on his or her patients.

As healthcare systems struggle under pressure, there is potential in making healthcare more data-driven and automated.  The challenge is that data-driven approaches to patient care (e.g. diagnostic support, analytics, precision medicine) require a lot of data on the patient and thus very complete patient files or Electronic Health Records (EHRs). 

The Autoscriber “Flow” product allows medical practitioners to record the conversation using their mobile phones and receive real-time suggestions to fill out the Electronic Health Record (EHR). The solution saves time, captures more data and improves the consultation experience for doctor and patient, as there is more room for human connection.

Funding details

  • €1.2 million raised in a seed round from LUMO Labs and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
  • Autoscriber has been a LUMO Labs portfolio company since 2021
  • The funding will be used to grow the Autoscriber team and scale tech development.

Founded in 2021, Autoscriber envisions a world where doctors can truly focus on patients by relieving them of their administrative burden.

Andy Lürling, LUMO Labs Founding Partner: “Autoscriber’s ever-increasing traction in healthcare clearly shows the market potential of their proposition. The additional funding will be used to speed up the roll-out and further development of the software and so increase its impact.”

Robin Hendrickx, BOM Investment Manager: “We are thrilled to support this talented team in building an AI-first product to fundamentally improve healthcare workflows. By leveraging data and AI, Autoscriber can meaningfully reduce doctors’ admin workload and, as a result, improve doctor satisfaction and patient outcomes.”

Jaqueline Kazmaier: “Our pre-seed phase was our ‘build & learn phase’; this investment will fund our ‘validate & optimize phase’ and in the following round we will focus on scale. We have reached the point where we have proven that the problem is real and that what we are building can offer a solution. There is clearly a huge need in the market and a willingness to make radical change – we struggle to keep up with requests for collaborations.”

Koen Bonenkamp: “To meet this demand, Autoscriber will use the new capital to grow the team. Our home base at the High Tech Campus and our development office in Cape Town give us access to a global talent pool. We’ll not only add more technical brainpower, but we’ve also made some exceptional operations and commercial hires in order to be ready for this exciting next phase.”

Autoscriber participated in the Venture Challenge in the spring of 2022. Learn more

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