Cyclomics announces completion of seed financing round

Venture Challenge alumnus Cyclomics has completed a financing round driven by a group of private investors too accelerate the development of innovate technologies in the field of cancer genetic testing.

In recent years, the primary focus of Cyclomics has been on the development of its core CyclomicsSeq technology, which has found its way in multiple collaborative research projects aimed at detection of genetic changes with very high sensitivity. Primarily, CyclomicsSeq has demonstrated to be a powerful technology for the identification of cancer mutations in cell free DNA of liquid biopsies. 

The new funding will enable Cyclomics to expand its activities beyond the core CyclomicsSeq technology, thereby strengthening the innovative capacity of the company. 

“We are convinced that this new capital injection, will lead to proof of concept for novel genetic technologies in the coming months”,

says Dr Alessio Marcozzi, R&D director and co-founder of Cyclomics.

Faster and cost-efficient methods for cancer detection from a simple tube of blood are expected to have a tremendously positive impact on the lives of cancer patients. 

“We are committed to become a major player in this field and we are grateful for our investors to help us to realize this goal”,

concludes Alessio.

Soure: Cyclomics


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