STENTiT awarded with €12.5M funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator

The EIC funding comprises €2.5M of grants to conduct first clinical trials and up to €10M in follow-up equity investment to extend the trials and work on market introduction.

"It's so rewarding to witness such a support by the European Commission and see our proposal being chosen among the more than 500 submissions. This pays off for years of hard work and it gives us new energies for the work ahead of us. This recognition is not just for our team, but also the people out there who have been trusting us for all this time and, most importantly, all our patients" 

- CEO Bart Sanders and COO Golo von Basum.

STENTiT developed a disruptive technological platform that shapes the first-of-its-kind regenerative stent. This unique product brings the best of two worlds by providing instant support to the diseased artery and simultaneously triggering vascular regeneration using the patient’s circulating blood cells. Made out of a fully biodegradable supportive porous structure, the regenerative stent will be the only device on the market that brings vascular regeneration to the patient without relying on invasive surgical procedures.


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