IMcoMET takes home Next Frontier Award from Erasmus Enterprise

Venture Challenge alumnus (2019) IMcoMET, a company that develops a technology to improve skin cancer diagnostics, has been honored with the Next Frontier Award from Erasmus Enterprise. This was announced last week during the 2023 Entrepreneurial Year Opening. Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende, presented them the award.


IMcoMET is currently located in the Erasmus MC Incubator in the Rotterdam Science Tower. IMcoMET has developed a technology that allows access and control of fluid around cells, called interstitial fluid. This fluid contains many biomarkers that provide detailed information about both the local tissue condition and general health status of an individual. They are integrating their M-Duo Technology® into a set of tools to improve skin cancer diagnostics and skin cancer research to drive personalized medicine and biomedical research forward, both with the ultimate goal to improve therapy outcomes for skin cancer patients.

The Next Frontier Award from Erasmus Enterprise is given to promising entrepreneurs. ‘It’s incredible to think how far we’ve come—from a spark in Alexandre Motta’s (Partner and CTO) mind to a working prototype. We’re at the brink of showing the world the untapped power of interstitial fluid in melanoma treatment. As we advance, we’re excited about how this could radically change the way healthcare is personalized, potentially impacting the health of countless patients.’ – says IMcoMET on LinkedIn.


winner photo

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