LifeSciences@Work high in the Financial Times list of Europe's Leading Startup Hubs

Great news! The Financial Times took on the project to map out Europe’s incubators and accelerators boosting tech entrepreneurship. LifeSciences@Work was ranked 24 overall on this prestigious list, and even more impressive is our 4th place on mentoring and 9th on networking. 

What The Financial Times found is a scattered network of accelerators and incubators of all sorts across Europe. In the top 125 list are a wide range of startup hubs, ranging from university driven programs, corporate incubators to fully commercial accelerators.  

Each of the 2000+ hubs, without focusing on a specific area like Health or Sustainability, was thoroughly assessed on 6 topics: networking, funding, mentoring and training development, infrastructure, legal assistance and business development. Alumni of the programs - 2600 in total - were questioned, as well as independent experts, VCs and other relevant parties. For the assessment of LifeSciences@Work (LS@W), 46 alumni were questioned. More information on the methodology can be found here

What stands out is first and foremost the overall ranking of LifeSciences@Work, being ranked #24 out of 2000+ hubs that applied. When looking at the specific topics, LS@W scores very high in two areas: In networking we rank #9 and in mentoring we rank #4. When focusing only on the Benelux, LS@W ranks #5 in the overall ranking.

Source: Financial Times


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