The consortium led by ParaMedir awarded with more than €1.8 Million in European Funding by Just Transition Fund (JTF) to advance Healthcare through innovative biomonitoring solutions.

Groningen, 14th June, 2024 – ParaMedir proudly announces the award of approximately €1.8 million in European funding from the Just Transition Fund (JTF). This funding supports a consortium led by ParaMedir which includes Pieter Oomen Beheer, Health Hub Roden, GitGud Software Development, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Zorggroep Tangenborgh, and Hanze University Groningen in advancing healthcare through innovative biomonitoring solutions by tackling the challenges of diagnosing and monitoring acute and chronic illnesses. Our goal is to enhance biomonitoring for patients with acute and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, adhering to the "better in, better out" principle.

Expanding on ParaMedir's UriMoni™ device, which uses microbiosensors and microfluidics to monitor key urine biomarkers, this project aims to extend this technology to various biological fluids like urine, sweat, and saliva. Collaborative efforts will result in significant advances not only in ParaMedir’s core technologies but also in adjacent technologies like bioelectronics, and artificial intelligence, with key objectives focused on developing advanced biosensors, microfluidic solutions, and software algorithms for seamless data analysis by creating prototypes for both hospital and home use, along with a cloud-based application for real-time clinical data access integrated with existing health record systems. These advancements will offer real-time health insights, personalized interventions, and reduced hospitalization times.

Upon successful completion, the project will empower and ease strain on healthcare systems and meet the needs of an aging population by producing innovative biomonitoring devices and software solutions. It aims to deliver advancements in technology, reduce healthcare costs, foster regional innovation, and create high-value job opportunities. The project will also act as a steppingstone towards implantable biosensors, paving the way for future healthcare solutions.

About ParaMedir

ParaMedir, a pioneering biotechnology startup founded in 2018, is headquartered in Roden, The Netherlands, at the Health Hub. Our mission is clear: empowering healthcare by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge bioanalytical technologies into patient care. Specializing in (bio)sensors and microfluidics, we develop biomonitoring tools tailored for on-site urine monitoring, addressing the critical need across multiple medical areas. This dedication drives our commitment to innovation, leading to the development of the UriMoni™ platform. Through UriMoni™, we provide precise, high-frequency monitoring of key biomarkers in biological fluids, catering to diverse medical scenarios. Identifying the need in Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and Acute Heart Failure (AHF), we aim to develop two distinct products: UriMoni™ -Continuous for continuous bedside monitoring of AKI patients and UriMoni™ -POC for point-of-care monitoring of AHF patients. The UriMoni™ platform aims to serve as a user-friendly on-site urine analyzer, improving decision-making and clinical efficiency. With frequent on-site monitoring and faster turnaround time, it aims to enable early identification of patient
treatment response and thereby cut clinical workload, reduce patient length of stay and avoid rehospitalizations. At ParaMedir, we envision seamless integration of our technologies into healthcare systems, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. Our commitment extends beyond product development; we cover the entire lifecycle, from research and development to production, collaborating closely with healthcare organizations and professionals to address evolving needs.

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