Ambagon Therapeutics

First-in-class breast cancer drugs through targeted stabilization of protein complexes

AmbAgon develops first-in-class small-molecule therapeutics for breast cancer by augmenting the tumor-suppressing functions of the 14-3-3 protein. Our industry-trained founders – Christian Ottmann, Luc Brunsveld, and Michelle Arkin – have developed a suite of chemical approaches to inhibit oncogenic transcription factor as a completely novel approach for the development of therapeutic small-molecules against breast cancers, for which industry has been searching for over 20 years. Stabilization of the interactions of these oncogenic transcription factors with the 14-3-3 protein inhibits their activity and AmbAgon has developed a unique approach, based on innovative fragment-based screening, to rapidly deliver small molecule hits as chemical starting points, unique to the field. AmbAgon is world leading in 14-3-3 structural biology and the only team that has delivered novel chemical matter for stabilizing 14-3-3 target interactions. AmbAgon is the 14-3-3 protein company with the unique combination of expertise in 14-3-3 drug discovery towards previously ‘undruggable’ targets and industry experience to discover the next generation of first-in-class anticancer therapies.

Luc Brunsveld
Christian Ottmann
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Winner Venture Challenge Spring 2019

AmbAgon Winner Venture Challenge Spring 2019

Luc Brunsveld