Predictive test (ReceptIVFity) for embryo implantation, based on urinary and vaginal microbiome profiling

The prediction of embryo implantation is still a black box. No other personalized, non-invasive IVF prediction test that can compare with ARTPred is currently available. The most commonly used pregnancy prediction models (Collins, Eimers, Snick, Hunault) focus on the prediction of spontaneous pregnancy, based on age, BMI etc. The IVF prediction model of Tempelton seems to give a good prediction on larger groups of women, but not on an individual basis. These models however, are purely based on statistics and do not include a targeted biological test and are able of predicting general percentages of success to a certain degree of accuracy, but none of these models are able to predict the actual IVF success of any individual patient. Therefore ARTPred offers for women starting IVF a huge possibility to avoid unnecessary treatment burden.

Joep de Mönnink
Jonathan de Jonge
Startup activities

Pre-Seed Grant 2013