Biomimiq provides both healthy and diseased in vitro human skin equivalent for animal free compound screening and safety testing services

Biomimiq is a start up company which originated from the research unit of the Department of Dermatology at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) in Leiden, the Netherlands. For the past decade, the human skin equivalent (HSE) research group successfully effectuated commercial service contracts and co-development activities, in addition to fundamental and applied scientific activities. Today, expansion of these commercial endeavours is secured by an exclusive licensing agreement on the HSE technology from the LUMC to Aeon Astron Europe BV.

Biomimiq provides both healthy and diseased in vitro HSEs for animal free compound screening and safety testing services and for co-development activities. Biomimiq’s HSEs are used in new product development and substantiation of product claims in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries, but also in fundamental research within the worldwide academic field of experimental dermatology. These HSEs enable genomic, proteomic and drug development research not possible with traditional, unrepresentative or even unavailable animal models, monolayer cell cultures or clinical test procedures. Uniquely, all of Biomimiq’s in vitro HSEs are fully customisable to meet both the scientific and commercial demands of the customer.

Preclinical drug development for various skin conditions is hampered by the absence of representative and commercially available in vitro models. In addition, animal testing is limited and in vitro testing is demanded by increasing regulations in the cosmetic and chemical industries, with an EU ban on the use of animals in cosmetics testing since 2009, and a complete sales ban effective in 2013. Biomimiq offers a solution to this unmet need with its proprietary, unique and customisable in vitro HSEs representing both healthy and diseased human skin, ascertaining the company as one of the leaders in a large and rapidly growing market.

Abdoel El Ghalbzouri
Suzanne Commandeur
Startup activities

Venture Challenge Fall 2010

Abdoel El Ghalbzouri