bring exhaled breath based diagnosis to medicine in a point of care setting

The goal of Breathomix is to bring exhaled breath based diagnosis to medicine in a point of care setting. Scientific evidence for the use of exhaled biomarkers in disease diagnosis, monitoring and phenotyping is overwhelming. Breathomix consists of a team with over 20 years of combined experience in this field. It is our strong conviction we are the first that can bring this technology from a research setting to the patient.

The missing link provided by Breathomix is an online reference database of exhaled biomarker profiles combined with thoroughly validated clinical data that can be implemented at any location in the world. This database provides immediate diagnostic answers by comparing breath analysis outcomes with previously analysed reference cases. Whilst potential applications are broad we’ve identified obstructive lung disease as the best market entry strategy. Current treatment of patients with these diseases is sub-optimal because patients can only be matched to the appropriate treatment through trial and error. This decreases efficacy of these drugs, doesn’t adequately treat symptoms and increases therapy side-effects. BreathCloud can fulfil this need, radically improving care for patients with obstructive lung disease.

We aim to penetrate this 300 million patient market by starting a strategic alliance with pharmaceutical companies manufacturing drugs for pulmonary disease. We have shown our solution allows a priori identification of treatment response, making it a powerful companion diagnostic. We can add value to these companies for existing drugs as well as drugs that are currently being developed by increasing drug efficacy, decreasing trial costs and increase the on‐patent sales period. This market entry strategy generates revenue for BreathCloud by providing access to large numbers of patients needed to populate the reference database. By being a companion diagnostic for pharmaceutical companies they will help drive market penetration amongst general practitioners and pulmonary specialists.

Breathomix expect to generate revenue through royalties for sales of breath analysis devices and through annual licence fees that provide access to the reference database. We expect a positive cash flow in year 4 of our start–‐up with an expected cash flow of 5 million in year 5 increasing to 35 million by 2017. To realise these goals Breathomix requires a capital investment of 600.000 years across 3.5 years to link the Breathomix to a CE marked device and drive market penetration. Once implemented the data generated by our clinical partners can be used to continuously expand the clinical applications covered by Breathomix. Costs to help realise this have already been covered under a Dutch Lung Foundation grant. This will help to generate revenue by continuously increasing the number of used test. Ultimately we envision Breathomix based breath analysis to be as widespread and common as having your blood tested.

Rianne de Vries
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Venture Challenge Spring 2015

Rianne de Vries