Circular fatty acids for animal nutrition and health

Without subsidies, the production of biogas or compost from organic waste is currently a non-profitable business. Waste processing and agro-food companies are therefore actively looking for new valorisation technologies.

ChainCraft offers a technological solution to the waste and agro-food industries to produce biochemicals. With our robust technology, waste companies can increase their profit sixfold. Also, they will be able to serve the larger and fast- growing market for chemicals from renewable resources, the so-called biochemicals.

ChainCraft out-licenses its patented fermentation technology to enable waste processors to convert their organic waste into biochemicals. The specific biochemicals, Medium Chain Fatty Acids, can currently not be supplied in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

It all started with a breakthrough discovery at Wageningen University. For the first time it became clear that valuable biochemicals, in the form of medium chain fatty acids, could be produced out of organic waste streams. This could be big step forward compared to composting or digestion of organic waste to biogas. The last 10 years ChainCraft worked on this disruptive biobased innovation, scaling up from laboratory to pilot scale and then on to an operational and semi-commercial demonstration scale. As with most start-up ventures it has been a challenging and bumpy road. Now at  scale-up phase, with a technically and economically viable concept, ChainCraft is ready to grow towards a competitive challenger in the chemical industry.  

Niels van Stralen
Kirsten Steinbusch
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