Cristal Therapeutics

Developing the next generation of nanomedicines

The application of CriPec® results in a better efficacy and improved tolerability due to an improved disposition. The use of CriPec® in combination with drugs will most likely change therapies and will open up new disease areas for those drugs, thereby creating significant value for the company. The first product that is independently being developed by Cristal Therapeutics is CriPec® docetaxel for the treatment of solid tumours. The company is founded by Dr Cristianne Rijcken and Dr Joost Holthuis (founder and former CEO of OctoPlus N.V.) in April 2011.

The commercialisation strategy of Cristal Therapeutics is to leverage its technologies by building a small proprietary product portfolio and to set up collaborative research and development programmes with third parties. In addition, Cristal Therapeutics is developing CriPec® into the field of peptide products as well as the development of active targeted nanoparticles. Besides, expansions into other therapeutic areas and new routes of administration will create numerous innovative product opportunities in the near future. Thus far, the proof of concept of CriPec® has been proven in relevant animal models with various drugs.

The anticipated unique selling points of CriPec®-based products are their improved efficacy and superior tolerability. An additional advantage is that, regardless of the entrapped drug, CriPec®-based products are straightforwardly manufactured using a scalable two-step GMP-process.

Cristianne Rijcken