Data Driven Decision making for faster treatment and recovery in mental health

DEPREDICT uses cutting-edge machine learning and neuroimaging MRI to address the urgent need for decision support in treating depression, a global health crisis impacting over 40 million Europeans annually. Currently, patients endure a distressing trial-and-error approach to treatment selection that consists of on average four cycles of six-month where patients try different antidepressants, often without success. This approach leaves an alarming 50% of patients without effective treatment after a year and increases demand for mental health care causing increasing waiting lists, even up to 1 year. DEPREDICT disrupts this paradigm by leveraging proprietary AI technology analyzing patients' brain MRI signatures to predict individual response to sertraline.

DEPREDICT markedly outperforms the existing trial-and-error approach. By preventing two-thirds of ineffective sertraline prescriptions, these results have been validated on the largest randomized clinical trial for MRI in depression and have been accepted for publication by prestigious American Journal of Psychiatry, which highlights its effectiveness in real-world scenarios. DEPREDICT's technology integrates multiple MRI modalities through sophisticated machine learning, transforming conventional measures into a clinically reliable tool. Secured as a trade secret, our methodology presents a significant competitive advantage and has been developed in collaboration with leading institutions and key opinion leaders. DEPREDICT will improve care for the 126.000 patients receiving sertraline in the Netherlands alone, and reduce the societal burden estimated at a staggering €187 billion in Europe. Less time and resources will be spent on an ineffective sertraline treatment cycle, leading to more efficient and targeted care for patients with depression.

The DEPREDICT team, a diverse group with expertise in Radiology, AI, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, is committed to advancing Psychiatry using neuroimaging and AI. Central to this initiative is the Amsterdam University Medical Center (AUMC), known for its Psychoradiology and AI imaging prowess. Key members include CEO Nawal Bahia el Idrissi, who has extensive experience in health and life sciences business development and strategy, CSO Prof. dr. Liesbeth Reneman brings expertise in pharmacological-imaging and connects the Radiology and Psychiatry disciplines, whereas CTO Maarten Poirot focuses on machine learning in depression. CMO psychiatrist Dr. Eric Ruhé is a key-opinion leader on pharmacological treatment of depression, and advisors Dr. Ruben Boyd and Prof. Henk Marquering bring AI and clinical translation expertise to the venture

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