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Assisting people to make diet-related lifestyle changes through gaming

Globally, 1.3 billion people are overweight of which many are trying or have tried to lose weight. Decreasing obesity would lead to a multibillion euro decrease in health care expenditure, and would lead to a sharp decrease in lifestyle risk factors for other diseases such as diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure. Existing weight loss methodologies are not very effective in obtaining sustainable  weight loss, because they suffer from high dropout rates. Current weight loss solutions, like self- management diets, Weight Watchers or treatment by a dietitian, heavily rely on a peer-pressure paradigm. Intrinsic motivation is often neglected or not put to its full use. Digest Inn BV develops a game solution that adds an intrinsically stimulating and rewarding game to this peer-pressure paradigm. The use of game technology has proven effective in increasing adherence in indications like rehabilitation, diabetes management and chemo therapy. The Digest Inn game is based on the four pillars of education, exercise, eating healthy at regular time intervals and controlling snack cravings. A first prototype is already available.

Digest Inn BV strongly believes that self-management tools need to be supported by health care professionals; in this case the dietitians. We have a strong network of dietitians, that support the development, implementation and sales of our game. The University of Applied Sciences Arnhem and Nijmegen, which is the largest educator of future dietitians, together with the Dietheek BV franchise  (around 70 private practices) are already collaborating with Digest Inn.

The long term goal of Digest Inn BV is to become a leading player in assisting people to make diet- related lifestyle changes through gaming. Our motto is “to create the only game where losing means winning”. Digest Inn combines the strength of an innovative game developer that has experience in developing effective behavioural treatments (GainPlay Studio) and a small pharmaceutical company  that is experienced in treating addiction (Chardon Pharma).

Teun Aalbers
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Teun Aalbers