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Glioblastoma is the most aggressive type of brain cancer. The standard of care gives an extended life span of merely 18 months. Highly promising gene therapies are being developed for this group of patients, however widespread delivery into the tumor is not achieved and migrated tumor cells are not reached.

ExoVectory offers a platform technology to produce large DNA constructs tightly packaged into naturally secreted human exosomes. Exosomes are invisible to the immune system and can travel to migrated or metastasized areas. ExoVectory’s loaded exosomes show widespread delivery in 3D cultured tumor cells and demonstrate efficient spread through mouse brain. We will combine ExoVectory’s packaging system with therapeutic transgenes to create a novel therapy for glioblastoma.

ExoVectory will require an initial investment of € 1 million to reach in vivo proof of concept, followed by an additional € 1.5 million to get the product ready for a phase I/II clinical trial. The total budget required to prepare our product for out-licensing is expected to remain under € 7 million. The income generated through out-licensing will feed into the further development of ExoVectory’s platform technology.

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