Fenix Therapeutics

Safe and effective cancer treatment improving durable response without side effects

Fenix Therapeutics addresses the critical challenges in cancer treatment by focusing on the Notch pathway, a key factor in therapy resistance in many human cancers. Existing Notch inhibitors face limitations due to dose-limiting side effects, hindering their clinical approval despite showing efficacy. Leveraging our groundbreaking technology, we have developed Fenix-TX312 and FTX-361, first-in-class agents that release potent Notch inhibitors exclusively in tumours through hypoxia, minimizing adverse impact on healthy tissues. Preclinical data demonstrates tumour-specific activation and Notch inhibition without side effects, marking a significant advancement in targeted cancer therapy. Our interdisciplinary team of accomplished cancer biologists, oncologists, and chemists ensures the innovative success of our approach. We are aiming to develop a minimal viable product, paving the way for working towards a first-in-human trial in Triple Negative Breast Cancer, an incurable disease affecting 25,000 women annually in the EU. Beyond breast cancer, our vision and application extend to a broad range of fatal cancers with Notch and hypoxia involvement. Fenix Therapeutics aims to reshape cancer outcomes, providing hope to patients by transforming the future of oncology through more specific and effective treatments. Together, we can transform the landscape of cancer treatment and positively impact the lives of many cancer patients and their families.

Marc Vooijs
Dirk DeRuysscher
Kasper Rouschop
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