A synthetic, customizable and animal-free 3D cell culture material that uniquely mimics the native cell environment

At this moment, millions are invested developing more human-like and better predictive models for disease modeling and drug development to replace current inadequate animal models, as these do not mimic the human situation at all. These cell models and organoids, however are still grown in a matrix from mouse tumors.  

With Fybrix, we offer a synthetic, customizable and animal-free 3D cell culture material that uniquely mimics the native cell environment, in contrast to other synthetic materials that have been introduced in the market. Fybrix-based cell models show excellent predictive value and have been thoroughly proven by us and other academic institutes (>50 peer-reviewed papers). We have protected our technology and applications by an extensive patent portfolio (Radboud University) and are negotiating an exclusive license.

Currently, we have the opportunity to validate Fybrix in a commercial setting with CrownBio and HUB Organoids. With these key opinion leaders as costumers in our portfolio, other Matrigel users will follow to make their transition to controlled, predictive and animal-free models, opening up a >1 B$ market potential. At €200/10 mL bottle and premium prices for specialty products, Fybrix is sold at a very healthy profit margin.

We need a 1 M€ investment to get to the market for validation and business development. We expect to be profitable in 4 years and reach an annual revenue of 10 M€ in 2030 in the 3D cell culture market. Additionally, recent experimental evidence showed potential in vivo applications for Fybrix; diversification of the product portfolio strengthens our competitive advantage.

The team is composed of Paul Kouwer, associate professor Molecular Materials and main developer of Fybrix and its applications, with Lotte Gerrits, final year PhD student in this group, supported Radboud TTO. Our goal is to make Fybrix the new gold standard in 3D cell and organoid culture.

Lotte Gerrits
Paul Kouwer
Antoine Wellink
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