GlycoCheck measures and analyzes microvascular health

The current obesity epidemic has led to a strong increase in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, which is associated with an increased risk of serious vascular complications including stroke, myocardial infarction and kidney failure. This creates a clear need for an earlier and improved recognition of susceptible individuals, and for monitoring the effectiveness of novel treatments and preventive measures.

The GlycoCheck Glycocalyx Measurement Software automates the analysis of clinical video microscopic recordings of the blood flow in microvessels to check the quality of the endothelial glycocalyx: a protective coating on the luminal surface of the vessels. An intact glycocalyx protects blood vessels by limiting the leakage of atherogenic lipoproteins into the vessel wall and preventing the adhesion of circulating coagulatory and inflammatory cells. Recent preliminary clinical studies have demonstrated that monitoring glycocalyx damage in diabetic patients enables identification of early vascular vulnerability before the onset of vascular disease.

The technology can be used in a mix of business opportunities, including contract services for clinical trials, a diagnostic device for hospitals (e.g. ICU departments) and clinical practitioners, as well as a consumer version for patients and health-conscious individuals.

Pieter Goedhart
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Pre-Seed Grant 2010