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Millions of children from low and middle income countries (LMIC) die each year from severe bacterial infections like sepsis, while antibiotics are available. Many of these preventable deaths are a consequence of late diagnosis due to shortage of staff and lack of monitoring equipment. Existing equipment is not suitable because it is designed for Western settings and is difficult to use and maintain in LMIC.

We are developing an integrated solution for this problem by designing a robust patient monitoring device which is highly reliable and easy to use. In addition to ECG and pulse oximeter sensors, it will include a ballistographic sensor. This is a durable, highly sensitive pressure sensor that is able to  monitor breathing rate and movements of patients without direct contact. The monitoring device will be connected to a tablet to enable monitoring of multiple patients and use of predictive algorithms. Together with our partners we are developing an algorithm that automatically detects early signs of sepsis to enable clinicians to diagnose sepsis hours earlier than in the current situation in LMIC. 

Our go to market strategy is to sell the monitors to selected African governments, private parties and NGO’s at an affordable price together with a monthly licence fee. Following successful deployment of the first systems we will expand to new markets in Africa and later to LMIC in Asia. We will also expand our services to new indications beside sepsis. This should eventually result in a monitoring platform in which Goal 3 is a partner for developers of hardware, software and algorithms. 

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