HELIA Biomonitoring

Continuous monitoring of drug concentrations, organ function markers, and treatment response markers

HELIA Biomonitoring is developing a revolutionary sensing technology for the continuous monitoring of therapeutic drug concentrations, organ function markers, as well as treatment response markers. The system will enable personalized patient monitoring and optimal treatment.

Each year 3 million sepsis patients are admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU) in Europe and North-America. These patients need to immediately receive antibiotic drug treatments, because the mortality rate is very high (20-30%) and without proper treatment their chance of survival drops by 8% per hour. However, antibiotic drugs have narrow therapeutic windows and are therefore very difficult to dose correctly. Underdosing results in ineffective treatment while overdosing leads to toxicity. HELIA Biomonitoring will solve this problem by providing a system for continuous therapeutic drug monitoring. This will ensure that every individual patient receives as fast as possible the right dose and the right treatment. The HELIA platform technology is protected by five patent applications and is suited for monitoring therapeutic drugs, organ function markers, as well as inflammation markers. HELIA has a strong team, with technological, product development, and clinical expertise. In this way, HELIA plans to revolutionize the care for critically ill patients and help to provide optimal life-saving treatments.

Menno Prins
Junhong Yan
Rafiq Lubken
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