Hello R&D

The future in liver modeling for drug development

Liver toxicity is the main safety reason for drug attrition in clinical trials, causing 1 in every 13 drugs to fail. This is caused by current gold-standard liver models not predicting this toxicity. We have developed a novel, human liver model in a dish called hello which accurately predicts the toxicity of drugs. We validated hellos to predict 53% of liver toxic compounds compared to 27% for the gold-standard. Furthermore, hello is the only solution allowing long-term exposure of drugs. To help pharmaceutical companies reduce liver toxic compounds in the drug development pipelines, we will set up an automated liver-toxicity screening service using hellos. The total investment need is €1.2 million with a pre-seed funding round of €300K in the first year. With the pre-seed funding, we will market our cytotoxicity assay and secure the first customer. With the seed investment, we will grow our company and develop additional toxicity mechanism assays. In the future, we want to apply our novel assays for drug discovery to help develop drugs for liver diseases. Our team is experienced with valorising scientific ideas, expert at improving the hello technology and connected in the pharmaceutical industry. HelloR&D aims to become the gold-standard in liver toxicity testing.

Indi Joore
Ibrahim Ardisasmita
Sabine Fuchs
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