IInjectable bone filler with drug release function for effective treatment of bone infections (INBORN)

Every year, more than 50,000 patients receive hip or knee implants in the Netherlands alone. Unfortunately, 1000 of them will require systemic antibiotic therapy for up to 3 months to combat bacterial infections. This treatment is often not effective, as 20% of these patients will experience recurrent bone infections which are extremely difficult to cure and eventually can lead to life-threatening health conditions. This ineffectiveness is caused by i) low bioavailability of systemically administrated antibiotics in infected bone, ii) inability of conventional antibiotic delivery devices to locally deliver antibiotics at effective concentrations for a sufficiently long duration, and iii) inability of conventional antibiotics to kill bacteria hiding inside cells.

INBORN provides a simple but effective solution to drastically reduce the recurrence of bone infections. Our solution exploits gels made of bone-mimicking nanoparticles for the controlled delivery of established antibiotics aiming to drastically improve their clinical efficacy to combat recurrent bone infections. INBORN already obtained in vitro and in vivo proof-of-concept confirming that these paste-like gels will enable superior local, sustained and intracellular antibacterial drug delivery for at least one month. We will team up with Radboudumc and industrial partners to generate the clinical evidence required to register our first product. To enable this clinical translation and commercialization, we welcome 1.0 million euros to reach the market with our first commercial product in 2024.

Rong Wang
Fang Yang
Alexey Klymov
Sander Leeuwenburg
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Rong Wang