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Incircular Biotechnologies uses its unique patented INCYPRO technology to stabilize G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) for reliable applications in drug discovery. This will enable the development of drug candidates for currently non-targeted GPCRs. With 27% of approved drugs acting on GPCRs, they are the most important drug targets. However, over 300 disease-relevant GPCRs remain undrugged and are associated to diseases with high unmet medical need (e.g. cancer, Alzheimer and Crohn’s disease). GPCRs are highly structured membrane proteins that tend to disintegrate upon isolation, which makes their use in biophysical assays and high-throughput screens next to impossible hampering the development of corresponding drugs. Access to stable GPCRs represents a huge opportunity for drug discovery. We apply the INYPRO technology to isolate highly stabilized and minimally modified GPCRs for the development of GPCR-targeting drug candidates. The co-founders, prof. Tom Grossmann, dr. Sven Hennig and dr. Saskia Neubacher, are the inventors and developers of INCYPRO. Tom is an experienced consultant for companies in the pharma industry.

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