decreasing cancer burden by providing innovative technologies

InnoFluidics develops a microfluidic-based rare cell analysis platform, which purifies and collects tumor cells that are circulating in blood. All information related to disease progression can be obtained with a simple blood test. Hence, our proprietary technology will provide a complete toolset for the entire cancer pathway from screening to recurrence monitoring.

In addition to purification and collection of circulating tumor cells from blood, our versatile platform enables drug response analysis at single cell level. This feature is essential for assessing the heterogeneity and developed resistance to drugs, which are the main factors that decrease the success of the treatment.

Before addressing the cancer pathway, we are currently focusing on providing our technology for therapeutic decision making and anti-cancer drug development.

Last updated: May 2022

Sertan Sukas
Yağmur Demircan Yalçın
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Sertan Sukas