An infusion set that guarantees stability and immediacy of drug administration for preterm babies

A preterm baby, born 10 weeks too soon, is admitted at the Neonatology IC Unit and immediately connected to an infusion set. Exact and stable administration of critical drugs through this infusion-set is of great importance for survival. Suddenly, blood pressure is critically low. Dopamine is needed – now. Although the physician acts immediately, there seems no response. The situation becomes very critical; the physician decides to administer an extra dose. All of a sudden, there is a response: blood pressure increases, but far above the desired level. It takes two hours to get the baby stabilized again. Possible brain damage is yet unknown.

The case above is a real-life case. Physicians experience problems on a daily base with drug administration to critically ill and preterm infants. Existing infusion sets inherently induce significant dosage fluctuations and long delays before drugs reach the patient.

Innofuse provides a patented solution: an infusion set that guarantees stability and immediacy of drug administration. First test results show improvement in stability (up to 71% reduction in fluctuations) and improvement in immediacy of drug administration (up to 49% reduction in start-up time). Experts estimate a 10-15% reduction of cases of brain damage in preterm children. In The Netherlands alone, this equals 30-45 children yearly.

The initial target market comprises of preterm patients in Neonatology Intensive Care Units (NICU). Market value is estimated €300m. Innofuse provides a disposable infusion set that is replaced every 96h, therefore recurring sales is guaranteed. Product launch is scheduled for 2017 and break-even will be reached within two years. Two patents protect Innofuse’s technology and due to our collaboration with UMC Utrecht we have a clinical partner and launching customer. Our investment need is €1m to finance large-scale production, CE certification, IP management and a clinical pilot study.

Innofuse provides a simple yet effective solution for a very urgent problem. The high customer need, large market potential and patented technology make Innofuse an attractive business proposition. With our dedicated team we’re highly driven to make Innofuse available for all patients, for whom every drop counts.

Brechtje Riphagen
Startup activities

Winner Venture Challenge Fall 2014