After the recent successful introduction of thrombectomy treatment for stroke - the most debilitating disease in the world, many novel stroke treatment devices are now being developed and researched. The current trajectory of introducing new (stroke) treatment devices in clinical practice with (pre-)clinical trials, is far from optimal. It is excessively slow, with procedures requiring 1 to 3 decades and up to 90% of the clinical trials being futile resulting in huge waste of resources and severe delays in disease treatment advances.

inSteps offers a unique solution: an in-silico stroke treatment modelling platform, which has been validated with the current standard of in-vitro testing and clinical data. Based on the largest database of stroke patients worldwide, our in-silico platform can simulate stent-retriever-based thrombectomy in various patient-specific scenarios of varying vascular anatomy and clot characteristics. This allows the medical device industries to evaluate the performance of their novel devices before pre-clinical testing, to improve patient stratification of clinical trials, and even to substitute a clinical trial with an in-silico trial during FDA legislation.

With an investment of 500k€, we will break-even in 3 years and reach an annual revenue of 15M in year 7 while catering up to 40% of the stroke device market in 7 years. With our team of two key in-silico stroke researchers, an Amsterdam UMC professor with a track record of two successful start-ups, and an experienced business developer, we will bring our successful in-silico platform to the market as valuable products to advance stroke and other endovascular treatments.

Praneeta Konduri
Nerea Arrarte Terreros
Henk Marquering
Ruben Boyd
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Praneeta Konduri