We will restore sight to millions of patients with bioengineered and lab-grown corneas!

Invision-Ex has developed an innovative approach to treat keratoconus, a degenerative corneal disease that affects nearly 1 in 7500 people on a yearly basis. By scaling up lab-grown corneal tissue, derived from human corneal stromal cells, we offer a sustainable and superior alternative for restoring vision, transforming the lives of late-stage keratoconus patients with no wait times. Invision-Ex sees significant opportunities in the group of patients that is not eligible for transplantation and remain heavily vision impaired.

Worldwide, there is a significant donor shortage (only 1 in 70 patients have access), thus donor tissue is not available for this patient cohort. Invision-ex has developed a bioengineered, lab-grown, human cornea tissue, offering a sustainable, accessible, long-term, and vision corrective solution. Our innovative technology (patent pending) is based on materials already used in FDA-approved applications and enables the production of bioengineered tissues with the same transparency as the human cornea.

The technology comes out of the labs of the MERLN institute, renowned for tissue engineering research, driven by Tony Feliciano (CEO, previous venture NeuPelle), Dr. Matthew Baker (CTO), and Ivo Beeren (bioengineer), in collaboration with corneal expert from the MUMC Eye Clinic Dr. Mor Dickman. With strategic partnerships including bioengineering labs (MERLN), Maastricht Eye Clinic, tissue banks (ETB-BISLIFE), and bio-manufacturing companies (RegenBiomed), we will maintain a competitive edge in the production and implantation of bioengineered tissue.

Ultimately, our technology will provide solutions to the full keratoconus market (800M USD) and our device will be introduced as a solution for the presbyopia market (9.4B USD). Together, let's reshape the destiny of millions, as Invision-Ex produces human tissue for corneal restoration.

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