Molecular diagnostics products for chimerisme monitoring

KimerDx BV was founded in 2013 – winner of Venture Challenge Fall 2013 – with the founders of GenDx as the major financial contributors. As all daily research and production work is carried out by GenDx personnel all activities have been transferred to GenDx in 2018. The use of KimerDx® is as trade name will be faded out. GenDx molecular diagnostics products for chimerisme monitoring may change the way transplantation medicine is practiced today. Early detection of transplant rejection or disease relapse is critical for the adjustment of a transplant recipient’s treatment regime, graft survival and higher quality of life for patients. Clinical testing has demonstrated that adverse events may be detected 3-4 months earlier, when using the GenDx technological approach. In 2015, GenDx has purchased the Chimerism AlleleSEQR® test developed by Celera and distributed globally by Abbott Molecular. GenDx has combined the KimerDx and AlleleSEQR tests and these together are sold successfully since 2015 and provide best in class solutions for post-transplant monitoring of transplant rejection, disease relapse and infections common to immunosuppressed persons. IN 2018 GenDx completed CE-IVD registration of the Chimerism product line. GenDx solutions will enable new applications and will translate into better patient care and survival rates. The GenDx staff has extensive expertise in the design, development and commercialization of IVD/CE-marked and RUO molecular diagnostic kits and software for transplantation and human genetic testing. In particular GenDx is renowned for elegant Sanger and Next generation Sequencing based HLA typing strategies, including a line of reagents and sophisticated software package NGSengine®.

Wietse Mulder
Maarten Penning
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Winner Venture Challenge Fall 2013